About Me

Hello, my name is Jan and I live in the Czech Republic, also known as the heart of Europe. I am quite a sensitive person. I have the ability to see into beings, astral and energetic bodies, allowing me to help people understand the benefits of working on oneself through chakras. Despite this, I myself feel every bit like a regular human being. The so-called extraordinary, or paranormal abilities that I have developed are, in fact, abilities that EVERYONE has in themselves. This also means that everyone has the ability to work on themselves through these methods. In my case, I have developed these abilities within myself to the point where I am able to effectively help others in many ways. I consider this my mission and have actively been sharing this practice with others since 2016. I have collaborated on works with Somavedic Technologies and Miroslav Zelenka. My articles and analyses have been published in such magazines as Regenerace, Medunka, Nová Regena, Šifra, and Nový Fénix. I look forward to sharing what I have learned with you thus furthering progress of collective consciousness to new heights.

With Love,


Homosignum - Complex Analysis Specification

Chakra open - it shows how open the chakra is. The goal of which is to be 100% open.

This is the most important entry unless you have achieved 100% open.

Common examples:

A Clairvoyants have the 6th chakra near to or at 100% open and over 90% active.

The best healers have the 4th chakra near to or at 100% open and over 90% active.

Chakras of some famous people:

W.A.Mozart - 5th chakra 100% open and over 95% active - on average.

Edgar Cayce - 6th (3rd Eye) chakra 100% open

Xico Xavier - 4th and 7th chakra 100% open

Nikola Tesla - 6th (3rd Eye) chakra 100% open

Alexander the Great - 3rd chakra 100% open

Chakra Activity: Shows how active the chakra is. The more we work with a chakra, the more active it becomes. The more active the chakra, the more open it becomes. Each meditation increases the activity of the chakra and opens it further. Any extended period of time where we do not use the chakra and the chakra will begin to close. The longer we neglect the chakra, or do not work on it, the more closed it becomes.

Chakra Biofield: Every chakra has its own energetic biofield. Similar to how our bodies have an aura, each chakra has its own aural field. If the chakras energy field is weakened over an extended period of time, illness, or disease can settle into the physical body. The 'dis-ease' settles into the part of the body or organs associated with the weakened chakra. For example, if the 5th chakra's biofield is under 85% for an extended period of time, than physical symptoms in the neck or disease such as the flu may manifest. Chakra biofields are connected to the bodies aura. One of the greatest dangers to this presently is electrosmog.

Energetic Field Protection:

The protective shield of our astral body. I have chosen to use the measuring unit of "defenten' (dft) from the latin word "defension" meaning defense. The greater defenten units you have, the stronger the shield against negative energy influences or 'black magic.' Most people have 0 dft. Only one who consciously works on energetic protection will create and build up energetic field protection. The greater the work you put into your energetic protection, the stronger protection you will have.

Flow through the connection channels of the chakras:

The energetic channel that connects our chakras is located where the spine is within the physical body.

IKQ - Intellectual quotient

It is received by the amount and quality of information gained during ones life and by the degree in which one is able to remember and utilize the information at the correct moment. It is also received by the ability for one to think logically in terms of applying information to a particular case. It is therefore the summation of information through knowledge, experience and application.

LGQ - Logical Quotient

Degree of logical thinking.

IUQ - Intuitive Quotient

Level of intuition.

IQ - Intelligence Quotient

Product of both the degree of logical thinking (LGQ - logical quotient) and level of intuition (IUQ -intuitive quotient).

EQ - Emotional Quotient

The ability to feel compassion for others as well as to feel the feelings of others. It also included the overall work and management of emotions.

Vibrational Frequency of the astral body:

This parameter can be summed up as 'How ready one is to enter 5D or the 5th Dimensional Reality. The greater ones vibrational frequency the higher the worlds one can perceive. In contrast the lower ones vibrational frequency the less perceived power one has over demonic and lower astral beings. The vibrational frequency of our subtle(physical/astral/energetic) bodies moves at 1024 Yotta Hertz. The average frequency of the Czech Republic is around 24 YHZ. The range I observe in humans is from 14 to 100, with the majority being from 20 to 50. The more one raises there vibrational frequency, the less one will be susceptible to demonic or other lower vibrational entities or 'negative' energies. One of the areas I work in is the energetic protection against black magic. I have worked with people and have found that they were being restricted by black and white mages (entities) to a vibrational frequency no greater than 30 YHZ. This coincides with the advanced black mages having a frequency of 30 YHZ.

Harmony jin-jang:

Shows the harmony of jin, female, and jang, male energies within our bodies. Ideally these should be in balance at 50/50. The per person average in Czech Republic is 35/65. This results in a dissonant state, where male, yang, energy predominates over the female, jin, energy.